Alexander Korman
Alexander Korman

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Alexander Korman is a renowned en plein air painter. His early training was in Realism at the prestigious Academy of Art and Design, St Petersburg, Russia. It was years later in his mid-twenties that Korman studied French Impressionism, which was strictly forbidden by the government at that time. Russian Realism was to be understood by everyone, promoting strength and happiness that could be used by the state for propaganda. This was seen as being in drastic opposition of the ‘decadent’ style and ideals Impressionism was anchored in.

Korman’s love for Impressionism combined with his rigorous training in Realism created a unique fusion resulting in a romantic affair with en plein air painting. He initiates each painting in the live setting and natural light, working extremely fast and drawing with his brush. The light and setting change so frequently that it’s necessary for him to do everything at once. Each painting is later completed it in his studio, never from the aid of photography.

His love for landscape is evident in the brightly colored moments he captures – drawing his subject matter from his extensive travels. His technique, richness of palette, and the freedom given by such a strong facility in drawing allow him to bring the finest nuances of surrounding nature alive on canvas. The final objects combine the precision of Russian academism with the freedom of expression that post Impressionism encouraged resulting in the transformation of an ordinary landscape into a breathtaking moment of happiness captured in nature.

Over the past decade, he has lived in Boston and painted throughout New England. He is passionate about the beauty of this area and particularly the seascapes of the ocean. Alexander hopes that his works inspire viewers to rejoice in the present. His work is shown in museums and private collections in Russia, Israel, and the US. Korman has exhibited in Canada, Israel, Russia, Spain, and the United States. He currently resides and paints in Boston, MA.

Academy of Visual Arts and Design in St. Petersburg

• Association of Russia Artists
• Israeli Painters and Sculptors Association
• UNESCO of Painters
• New York Artist Society
• United South End Artist
• Boston Center for the Arts

• Artistic Village. Ein-hod, Israe | 1990-2005
• Valparaiso Foundation. Mocajar, Spain | 2006
• Artist in Residence, Boston Center for the Arts | since 2003